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"A3 has been a blessing to our nation [not identified for security reasons]. Before A3, we had been trying different strategies to bring our leaders together and to have like-mindedness. None of this, of course, actually really worked. But when A3 came to our country, it really blessed our nation and our leaders. Starting with the first batch and now what we are doing with our current second batch has really transformed the way we leaders used to be. We have become united; we have become like-minded. We have also become prayer support partners for one another.

We have become ministry partners with each other—like many of the things that we do, we plan together, we have begun to work together and to plan for our nation in our thinking... "Let's do this! Let's do that!" A3 has been a very great blessing to us. And A3 is something that we would really love to pursue. We would really give our life for that!

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Graduate of A3 Program

A3 actually has four classifications of alumni:


matsuda makito 200px1. Leader Development Alumni

There is a growing number of leaders who have graduated from the A3 Leader Development program across Asia. For example, in Japan, where the program initially began, there are more than 500 graduates who have pastored 11% of the believers there. Check out testimonies from leader development alumni and current participants...


brohier richard 200px2. Faculty Alumni

We also have been privileged to have more than 100 faculty members serve in Asia. See a small sampling of the faculty members who have taught A3 leadership development sessions. See the diverse curriculum that our faculty members integrate into the leader development sessions.


gi profile3. Missionary Alumni

In partnership with hundreds of churches across North America, A3 has mobilized and trained nearly 3,000 missionaries for service in Japan. The vast majority of these workers were summer and one year missionaries. These alumni are now in all walks of life and scattered across the globe. The evidence of our fruitful work is seen not only in Japan, but also in the people who have served with us over the past three-and-a-half decades. We are privileged to call them our alumni.


grieco margaret 200px4. U.S. Office Alumni

In addition, there are nearly 100 people who have served in various ministry support roles in our U.S. headquarters in southern California over the last 45 years. In essence, these are people who have kept the ministry in Japan and across Asia running smoothly, so that missionaries could "do their thing."


Staying Engaged...

We really want to stay in touch with you, our alumni, to keep you informed about the work in Asia, and also to find out what's happening in your lives. So please update your contact information whenever it changes by submitting our online Alumni Update form. Be sure to follow us on the social media sites listed below...


More Information...


Ways to Stay Involved

NOTE: If you're an A3 alumnus on Twitter, be sure to write us at either Twitter account, so we can follow you and add you to the a2-alumni list.



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