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"You can sense the energy and optimism of a ministry by visiting its website and meeting the key leaders. But…to know the heart and heartbeat of the ministry, get acquainted with their board members. As the board goes, so goes the ministry. So I’m delighted to say—based on up-close and personal observations and interactions—I know that A3 is led by God-honoring board members who care deeply about the Gospel and the Great Commission. And as stewards of the ministry, the board ensures that A3 continues to meet or exceed the rigorous accreditation, integrity, and transparency requirements of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)."

Mr. John Pearson
Board Governance & Management Consultant
Author, Mastering the Management Bucket

A3 is privileged to have the guidance and direction of three capable boards of directors:

Beyond these boards, each country has its own leadership, usually in the form of working teams, boards and council of advisors.

U.S. Board of Directors

 A3 U.S. Board of Directors (October 2022)
L to R: 
Doug Birdsall, Kärin Primuth, Phil Foxwell, David Bennett, Francis Tsui, Steve Woodworth, Joe Handley, Mike Eicher, Bill Duncan, Kaz Uemura, and Janice Munemitsu 


All board members, unless otherwise noted, are independent voting members.

DBennett-2012-200x200Dr./Rev. David Bennett, D.Min., Ph.D.
Role: [Director]; Committee: [Ministry, chair]
Global Associate Director for Collaboration & Content, Lausanne Movement;
Board of Directors, First Fruit, Inc.; Advisor to the India Collaboration
Washougal, Washington

Dr./Rev. S. Douglas Birdsall, Ph.D.
[Non-Voting Member of Board]; Committee: [Advancement]

Ambassador-At-Large, A3;
Honorary Chairman, Lausanne Movement
Boston, Massachusetts 

dokko anne 500pxDr. Anne Dokko, PharmD 
Role: [Director]; Committee: [Ministry]
Clinical Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente
Rolling Hills Estates, California 

Mr. William F. Duncan
Roles: [Director; Vice Chair]; Committees: [Finance, chair; Board Development]
Retired CEO, ISU-The Olson Duncan Agency
Redondo Beach, California 

Mr. Michael C. Eicher
[Director]; Committee: [Advancement]
Senior Vice President for Advancement, The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Mr. Philip R. Foxwell
[Director; Board Chair]; Committee: [Ministry]
CEO, Foxmark Strategic Partners
Tokyo, Japan

Dr./Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
[Director, Ex-Officio Member]
President/CEO, A3
Los Angeles, Californi

Ms. Janice Munemitsu 
[Director]; Committees: [Advancement; Board Development]
Spiritual Director, Biola University/Talbot Seminary
Corona del Mar, Californi

Dr. Francis Tsui, D.Min., Ph.D. 
[Director]; Committees: [Finance; Board Development] 
Associate Professor, Faith and Global Engagement, Hong Kong University
Chairman of Asia Church Missionary Society 2012-present
Hong Kong

Dr. Kazuaki Uemura, J.D. 
[Director; Treasurer/Secretary]; Committee: [Finance]
Attorney & President, Law Offices of Kazuaki Uemura
Torrance, California

Mr. Steven Woodworth
[Director], Committee: [Advancement, chair]
CEO, Masterworks
Seattle, Washington


Mrs. Kärin Butler Primuth
[on Sabbatical: Director]; Committee: [Ministry]

CEO, visionSynergy
South Pasadena, California


Mr. Thomas Bradford, Jr.
President, Atlantic Sales & Service
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Toshio Maehara  [Senior Advisor]
Senior Pastor, Gospel Venture International Church 
Palos Verdes, California


Japan Board of Directors

Japan Board 2016

A3 Japan Board of Directors photo taken in 2015


Japan Board Advisors

Dr. Paul Ariga
The All Japan Revival Mission
Osaka, Japan

Mr. Takeshi Takazawa
VP for Innovative Initiatives

Rev. Makio Kodaira 小平 牧生 [Chairman]
Senior Pastor, New Community
Kobe, Japan

Rev. Jiro Chida 千田 次郎  [Director]
Senior Pastor, Keisen Christ Church
Yamagata, Japan

Rev. Naomi Koganei 黄金井 尚美 [Director]
Senior Pastor, Onoue Seiai Church
Hyogo, Japan

Rev. Ryoichi Masuda 益田 良一[Director] 
Senior Pastor, Grace Community
Sapporo, Japan

Rev. Masahiro Matsumoto 松本 雅弘 [Director]
Senior Pastor, Cumberland Presbyterian Koza Church
Kanagawa, Japan

Dr. Yukikazu Otomo 大友 幸一[Director]
Pastor, Shiogama Bible Baptist Church
Miyagi, Japan

Rev. Kazumi Sako 酒匂 一己[Director, Finance Committee]
Senior Pastor, Jesus Way Community 
Wakayama, Japan

Rev. Shinji Takita 滝田 新二 [Director]
Senior Pastor, Katayanagi Evangelical Free Church
Saitama, Japan

Mary Jo Wilson ウィルソン・メリージョー [Director]
Vice President for Japan, A3
Los Angeles, California, USA

Rev. Yoshiya Hari 播 義也 [Director]
Senior Pastor, Keisen Christ Church Saikyo Hope Chapel and National Director of A3 Japan
Saitama, Japan

Rev. Hikari Suzuki 鈴木 光 [Director]
Senior Pastor, Katsuta Church and Director of A3 Japan
Ibaraki, Japan


Canada Board of Directors (1985-2013)

We want to thank these dear friends. The Canada Board of Directors was dissolved in 2014 as a result of the new strategic partnership for Japan with SIM. But these were the outstanding individuals who served so faithfully for over 25 years.

photo of Canada Board of Directors, taken November 2011

Mr. Gordon Cleasby
President, Western Imperial Magnetics

Mr. Eckhard Draheim

Mr. Alan Lackie

Mrs. Patricia Lackie
Administrative Assistant, UBC

Mr. Donald Hawkes
Transit Operator, TransLink

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