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A3 nurtures intentional learning communities to build and sustain Christ's leaders around the world.

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learning community

We foster intentional networks with several high-impact leaders to face their challenges... together.



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A3 leaders are carrying the opportunity to reach many people in their local communities with the transforming message of Jesus Christ. They are strategically positioned and poised to grow alongside other leaders with shared purpose.


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learning community

Our process is centered around the belief that a Spirit-led community can change the culture of an entire nation—virtually anything—toward Christ's purposes. We give leaders a structure to connect and sustain each other, accelerate their own ministries, and expand the love of Jesus throughout their communities.


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The A3 Leader Development Model brings together 12-18 leaders who meet quarterly over a 2-year period. Intensive, in-service, in-country, in-community, and ongoing.


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The relationships that develop in the context of this experience provide a network for ongoing collaboration, friendship and development long after the cohort graduates.


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Loving God


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A deepening, personal loving relationship with God


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Growing Christlike


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Community of leaders, growing in Christlike character


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Reproducing Leaders


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Multiply their impact by nurturing more disciples


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Catalyzing Movements


Fostering movements that accelerate the Great Commission


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> Community Movements

A vibrant community accelerating Christ-centered movements around the world.



> Equip Leaders

We equip and unify visionary Christ-centered leaders to influence Spirit-led change.



> Sustained Change

Because we believe a Christlike leader, fueled by God's Spirit and supported in community, can change a nation.


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I trust and pray that you are well.

For most of us, things haven't really settled into a new normal yet. We have recently begun a season of self-isolation here in Japan while others have been doing this for weeks now. But wherever we are, I think everyone has had a little time to try gaining perspective.

I've been getting messages from our volunteers across Asia trying to find perspective. I hope to share some because it's important for you to know and to pray. Here is an insightful one from a national director that I wanted to share with you.

A Message from an A3 National Director

Just the past two days, many things happened so suddenly due to Corona Virus (CV) that is spreading close to where we live and work. The fear level has increased. Classes in our capital city have been suspended. Many scheduled events are being cancelled. We are being taken by surprise from different fronts.

We now feel and see the disruption of our lives. Travels are temporarily banned in some counties, normal activities are limited, scheduled events are cancelled. CV has caused a certain degree of interruption in life and work-ministry.

How do we respond?

1. Find Perspective

Let’s put things in perspective. This is not the end of the world yet but part of ongoing challenges of history. Virus-infection is part of life here and now. Life in the midst of challenges brought about by CV calls us to enlarge our perspective by seeing all things in God who controls all events, good or bad, for His glory. Let not fear cloud the way we see a crisis situation from the eyes of faith.

2. Pause to Ponder, Pray, & Realign Priorities

CV has created some space in our busy lives. Many are encouraged to stay home as much as possible although many are restless being grounded. How about taking this as an opportunity to pause, ponder and pray? God could be asking us to determine what really matters in life. I heard that pastors in China are staying home to spend more time talking with their wives and playing with their children, something they set aside while busily working for God. Could it be that In a busy world of ministry and work God is forcing us to face life’s priorities?

3. Consider God's Purpose

One more thing, we must consider God’s purpose for the way CV has caused an interruption in our lives and work. While we tend to complain by the way things are turning beyond our expectations, God always has a greater purpose we don’t see yet. Interruption could be God’s intervention to align us to His will. Hopefully, we realize God’s greater purpose when we look in hindsight after the CV attack.

4. Remember God's Faithfulness

We’ve been through many difficult times. The God who remains faithful has never abandoned us when we passed through much harder and harsher conditions. We are confident in the worst of times we are up to seeing God at His best to surprise us with His love.

— Anonymous, A3 National Director

Thank you for praying for us, and we'll continue praying for you. We're in this together!

With Christ,

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Joe Handley, President

Joe HandleyemailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Photo credit: unsplash:redcharlie


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For over half a century, A3 has catalyzed movements in Asia, and now, as doors are opening in the Middle East, North Africa, and the West, we are boldly stepping in

to change the few who change the many.

We're thrilled that our new name A3 reflects the broadening impact of our distinctive learning communities. Asian Access is now A3.

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