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In response to our tagline, people may ask us...

What does it mean that A3 is changing the few who change the many?

It starts with finding Christlike servant leaders and bringing them through the A3 process. Often this helps leaders to create the space in their lives so God can bring about transformation.  As more and more leaders connect with God and with one another, we can begin to see the Lord transform their countries from the inside out.

Through 56 years of ministry, we have developed the A3 leader development program that is effective at deepening a leader's love relationship with God, helping them grow in character, and become more fruitful in ministry. At the risk of oversimplifying how we do this, we can boil our formula down to this:

  • Christlike Leaders + The A3 Process + Right Time + Right Place = Changing the few who change the many.

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Selection of a Few Christlike Servant Leaders

We have discovered that, for this formula to work best, we need to select a few really good participants. So A3 works hard at selecting those leaders who will benefit the most from our program. This does not mean these leaders are better than other leaders; it just means they're the ones well-suited for a process like ours.

A3 intentionally focuses on a small number of proven leaders with potential, enfolding them into a learning community that provides a transformation process that then releases them to change the many in their world. You might ask, "What is a small number of leaders?"

A3 creates cohorts of 12-15 leaders, not 25 or 250. Some leader development programs, in an effort to have big results, do offer training for larger groups of leaders. These might be well-attended conferences or workshops, which can reach a lot of people. But to us, small is big; less is more.

Less Can Be More

We mold this dozen or so individual leaders into a learning community. Keeping the numbers small allow for relationships to deepen, which allows deeper life change in each participant. What starts in a few individuals naturally radiates outward to each leader's family, church, community, and even country. A few changed leaders then change many.

This may sound bold or even arrogant, but we are seeing this hold true in virtually every country in which we operate. Really. Our graduates continue to tell us what God is doing in them and through them... and they may credit A3 for a small part of this.

Sustained Kingdom Impact

Therefore, we invest in a strategic few to change a country and a continent. And we find servant leaders and leverage the A3 process for making the greatest difference for the Kingdom. And once a cohort graduates, we do it over... and over again.

We sustain change through a proven process that takes the region’s most promising leaders and equips them to have a disproportionately significant impact in their countries, cultures and continent.

Look what Jesus did with just a few people...

“These who have turned the world upside down have come here also…” — Acts 17:6 (NKJV)

A3 is the flywheel that knows how to build momentum by finding and investing in those most capable of achieving and sustaining it. That is key. These are leaders in it for the long haul who build on the momentum that God has been doing (and that A3 activates) and they devise the networks and systems to sustain momentum for Kingdom change. A3 changes the few who then, in turn, change the many. Momentum is the result.

Cultivating an Ecosystem of Kingdom Leaders

And if we faithfully do this over and over and over in various spheres of influence and different places across the globe—focusing on taking pivotal leaders through our A3 process, what we end up cultivating is an ecosystem of kingdom leaders who are following their call and changing their world.

And thus, A3 collaborates with God toward changing the few who change the many.

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