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Nurturing a Love Relationship with God

  • "From the Inside Out" means everything in discipleship

    Edmund Chan's Message #1

    Edmund Chan speaking at A2 Global Leaders' Summit 2018"The most important reality we live in is the unseen world. Ultimate reality is the Kingdom of God." – Pastor Edmund Chan

    Pastor Edmund Chan encouraged our global leadership community through several profound teachings on discipleship in Malaysia recently. And, he walked with us through meals, discussions, and even an outing to the city. What a beautiful example for us as we seek to live lives more rooted in Christ. His first teaching focused on Entering the Sanctuary from the words of Asaph in Psalm 73...

  • A Fish Out of Water

    fish out of the water free 500pxTen years ago, Pastor Paul started a church, and for the past three of those ten, he’s been part of Asian Access in a South Asian country. He’s now planted eight churches from that first church plant but he learned something profound the last few years that will impact his ministry for years to come. As Pastor Paul was sharing his strategy paper, he said: “A relationship without God is like a fish out of water.” Paul was referring to serving as...

  • ALL IN with God

    all in 500x221Asian Access recently reviewed our values as a mission. What a fascinating journey and valuable learning experience it was! We spent hours in dialog throughout the movement at every level: volunteers, staff, alumni, faculty, board and reference council. It was nothing short of amazing to see things come together. As we honed the various nuances and prioritized down to three core characteristics, we came up with three core values. The first is...

  • Are you in the Word?

    Joe and MikeA Penetrating Question

    Not long ago I had the privilege of taking part in the Leader Development Consultation. Asian Access was one of the co-sponsoring organizations and it was a joy being there with so many global leader development specialists. Many were there from Asian Access teaching and facilitating various workshops and training sessions. One highlight for me was connecting with Asian Access leaders and one encounter caught me by surprise: though it shouldn’t have! I was sitting next to Mike Hoisington, one of our faculty members who asked me this penetrating question, “Joe, are you spending time in the Word?” You gotta love Mike. He puts it right out...

  • Being Intentional about Christ's Presence

    Kavanah is the Jewish term for being intentionally attentive to God's presence in every aspect of living. For example, I always invite God to get on the bicycle with me when I go for a ride. I often sense his presence on the bike. I dialogue with him processing events as I drive in the car-and he often interjects comments or directives. We are not all gifted the same way. However, every believer has the Holy Spirit and can communicate with-and receive whispers from-the God who... 

  • CEOs in Seoul hone in on Christ-likeness, Marriage and Worship

    a2 business-korea-1 2a

    A3.business ministry to marketplace leaders in Seoul, South Korea...

  • Connect.

    connections nasa Q1p7bh3SHj8 unsplash 1000px

    Connections are a Hallmark of A3

    Leaders need connections. A3 fosters an environment to encourage leaders to make significant, life-altering connections.

    This is fairly intuitive, right? Everyone believes that, right?

    Losing Perspective Amidst Ministry Activity

    The problem is that 10-15 years into ministry, leaders who are busy in the midst of doing their thing, begin to forget the basics. They start to rely on their experience... Trust in  their diplomas... Rely upon past leadership successes to address current challenges. Stop leaning on wise counsel from others because it only delays action... and if the advice is contrary to how the leader wants to move ahead, it's just a huge roadblock on their plans. So seeking counsel is bypassed.

    Through the years of increasing self-reliance, leaders grow more isolated, less accountable, less connected, and often less fruitful. Sure, ministry activities press on, but is it really producing fruit that lasts?

    This is precisely where the A3 experience can help shift leaders to get reconnected (and why "the right time" in selection is crucial). Leaders need to get plugged into key life-giving relationships. We were created for relationships, so leaders of all people shouldn't run away from relationships to become more productive.

    A3 seeks to connect each leader to God, to one another, and to their mission/world.

    Living an Up-In-Out Lifestyle

    At A3, we sometimes talk about these connections as a lifestyle of UP-IN-OUT...

    A3 UP-IN-OUT 

    Connect Leaders to God — Deepen their Love for Him (UP)

    It is absolutely essential to lay a solid foundation for developing leaders upon this truth: Leaders must be connected to God—no ifs, ands, or buts. This must happen or the leader will not be able to influence God's people toward his purposes.

    Jesus said, "Apart from me you can do nothing." and "Abide in me." A3 believes this truth is central for all believers, especially leaders.

    A Deepening, Personal Loving Relationship with God

    So A3 focuses intensely on nurturing a deepening, personal loving relationship with God. Not only is this the first outcome we aim to see in the life of every A3 leader, we believe this is crucial before everything else. Simply put, the pebble making the first splash is necessary for additional ripples to flow outward. So the love relationship is necessary for the leader to be a Spirit-led leader.

    There are various ways that A3 reinforces this spirit of abiding is reinforced to its leaders:

    • Daily worship times during sessions
    • Devotions during the sessions often focus on this aspect of a deepening relationship with God
    • Teaching by faculty each time the sessions meet
    • Time-Line exercise for each leader to see God's hand in their life from start through to the end
    • Learning from how others in the cohort worship God, including those from different denominations


    Connect Leaders To One Another — Build Deep Community (IN)

    As they connect with God, they begin to see things the way the Father sees them—and people, too. They begin to see each other as gifts from God, not as competitors. This competitor mindset is really a lie of the Enemy that is confronted within the A3 community. Participants begin drop the titles and denominations; they are simply brothers and sisters in Christ. And their informal language reflects that new mindset.

    Cohorts Practice the One-Anothers in their Learning Communities

    A3 participants are immediately placed into a 2-year cohort that becomes a learning community. They learn together. Sing together. Eat together. Pray together. Listen together and share together. Cry with one another. Carry each other's burdens. Encourage one another. Practice the "one-anothers" of Scripture. All together.

    Over time, they get tight—very tight, in fact, and begin to trust each other deeply. Walls break down.

    As they learn together, this is where paradigm shifts begin to happen and harmful lies of the Enemy are exposed. These lies cause roadblocks or inertia by keeping people isolated and feeling helpless or push leaders toward competitively building their own kingdoms.

    When confronted, there is release from these lies of the Enemy. These falsehoods are replaced with truths that bring freedom—truth that sets them free and to live in unity. It helps them to see themselves and others in terms of identity in Christ.

    A3 Sessions

    The A3 Leader Development Model brings together 12-18 leaders who meet quarterly over a 2-year period. Intensive, in-service, in-country, in-community, and ongoing. This is where reconnection with others is first experienced and practiced. And then it becomes ingrained into each of them.

    Upon graduation, these A3 Leaders are unleashed to apply what they've learned and to influence Spirit-led change in their worlds.

    A3 Networks

    After participants graduate from the program, A3 foster purposeful networks with high-impact leaders to face their unique challenges... together. There are new layers of community experienced at the network level. This could be regional, national, multi-national, or even global. This is where learning together takes on new heights because it's often about macro issues. And often these macro issues are about addressing the wrongs and injustices—it's about living out a life of calling and mission.


    Connect Leaders to their Mission — Enlarge their Vision for the World  (OUT)

    A3 helps leaders begin to wrestle with their purpose, vision, mission, and why. Through times of input + interaction + reflection + application, cohort members find understanding. Over the course of the two-year transformational experience, each leader works out their own understanding of what God communicates to them about their calling. 

    Accelerating Mission

    Thus each leader is connected to their own mission and gains increased vision for what it's going to take to achieve. They share these callings with one another and even write down the particulars in their final submitted papers. The goal is not to create paperwork, but to accelerate MISSION in our world. When leaders live in a lifestyle of Up-In-Out, they are more connected and fruitful.

    Connecting Leaders to their World

    A3 leaders should hopefully begin to see things beyond their own church or business. Their vision grows much larger to their city, region, and continent. They are connected to their world through the eyes of the Spirit, who moves them to bring His influence everywhere.

    Beyond the individual callings and mission, every A3 leader is also challenged to live in such a way toward finishing well to the very end.

    A3 believes that a Christlike leader fueled by the Spirit and supported in community can change their nation—virtually anything—towards God's purposes.

    Thus these connections are definitely life-altering in the life of every A3 leader.


  • Don't miss God's presence in times of crisis

    birdbath mark timberlake GvZnX8p4HF8 unsplashMy favourite place in my house is in our lounge room looking out of a bay window into our garden. One day, I felt a strange prompt; this garden needs a bird bath. So I purchased a bird bath and placed it in the garden. To my surprise, it wasn’t long before the local birds discovered this newly installed bird bath. News travelled fast. Around dawn and at dusk, a number of birds would appear at our bird bath to splash and enjoy a cool drink...

  • Faith Encouragement

    love jez timms bwtgal6MJLM unsplash 700pxDelight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. — Psalm 37:4

    But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. — Matthew 6:33

    Masako and I are praying for you today! More than anything else God wants us to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. This is the way God designed us to live. Living in love relationship with Him connects us with the Source of grace, mercy, blessing and life...

  • Focus on the Outcomes

    a2 outcomes sml

    What do we want to see as the result of our work in the life and ministry of each participant?

    Asian Access seeks the following outcomes of our work in the life and ministry of every participant.  We feel we're successful if the pastor is...

    1. Living in a love relationship with God.

    Effective ministry flows from our relationship with God—from the inside out. After 10-15 years in ministry, leaders can begin to lose their connection to the Lord—relying more on their strengths and experience. This brings trouble and weakens the impact of their ministry.  In contrast, leaders who continue to deepen their love of God are transformed and can bring powerful change to their sphere of influence.

    2. Growing as a Christ-like leader.

    Effective leaders who abide with Jesus, lead more and more like Jesus. Flowing out of transformed hearts, they exhibit fruits of the Spirit and grow in Christlikeness. If leaders are not growing in Christlikeness, ministry can get off track and they are more susceptible to spiritual plateau and abuse of power.

    3. Reproducing disciple-making leaders.

    Fruitful leaders say, “Follow me as I follow Jesus”. They live out that truth by reproducing themselves in others and equipping those new disciples to follow their example to make more disciples. This is the heart of the Great Commission to make disciples who not only follow Jesus but also make more disciples.

    4. Catalyzing Christ-centered movements.

    Fruitful leaders build kingdom movements to expand the reach of their ministries. Starting new witnessing communities for spiritual growth, outreach, and multiplication gives more people access to Christ’s life-changing power. Catalyzing movements advance the kingdom and bring momentum that transform people, families, cities, and countries.

    The fifth unspoken outcome of launching a church multiplication movement is entirely up to God. Yet, with His blessing, the first four outcomes can actually result from specific steps Asian Access takes. In other words, there are practical things we can do in structuring our program in order to help achieve these outcomes.

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    OUR ESSENCE | Outcomes | Leader Development Model | Sustainability


    More Information...


    Download the A2 Essence PDF...


    The A2 Essence (front)


    The A2 Essence (back)



     A2 Essence - print (3 MB)

    This one-sheet, double-sided flyer outlines the Essence of Asian Access in terms of our four desired ministry outcomes, the A2 leader development model and our ultimate goal for sustainable ministry in each country.


  • How A3 impacted me

    man hidden identity

    Hear how A3 impacted an alumnus from a high-security country... 

  • Identifying Leaders: The Asian Access Approach

    ND gathering 2015 web 500At Asian Access, we have been affirmed for our ability to identify leaders who are right for our program. We’ve had numerous requests to share what we believe we have learned. So with humility, let me offer a few thoughts on our approach. The Asian Access approach is rooted in a core value: a commitment to developing a deep love relationship with...

  • Knowing Jesus Intimately * Our Love Relationship With God

    David Dayalan, National Director of Asian Access/IndiaThese last few days I’ve had the privilege of sitting with fellow pastors in Asia preparing for an important gathering coming up in March for our ministry. It was an invigorating experience because we spent a good deal of time on our knees praying for God’s direction and waiting on Him to guide us in the coming years. Our key focus was and is to strengthen our mission by reinforcing “The Essence of Asian Access”. Core to this essence is our “Love Relationship with God” and we prayed...

  • Leaders Loving God

    worship man 600pxA2 emphasizes cultivating a love relationship with Christ

    We invited Asian Access board member Kärin Primuth to attend our A2 national directors' gathering to share devotions for the week. Afterward, we sat down with Kärin to get some impressions of her time with leaders from 16 A2 countries. Here is another impression that Kärin shared...

  • Learning from the Valley of Baka...

    Screen Shot 2020 10 01 at 2.44.57 PM 640pxA2 Goes on a Digital Spiritual Retreat

    A few weeks ago, Asian Access held our annual fall national directors gathering virtually due to travel restrictions from COVID-19. While not ideal for us, it was such a rich time of fellowship given the limitations of in-depth relational connections via digital formats. Nevertheless, most were delighted to see one another, commune together, and grow in Christ. We spent a great deal of time resting in the public reading of scripture, especially meditating on Psalm 84:5-7. 

  • My heartfelt thanks for your ministry


    Dear A3 Community: I am a graduate in my country. This is just to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciations for your ministry in A3...

  • Sabbath Rest

    JaynaRobcont.thumAsian Access/Japan was blessed by Robert and Jayna Gallagherfrom Wheaton for our May Spring Retreat. They walked us through the rhythms of rest in Christ which was perfect for us activist mission types. One of our deepest values at Asian Access is “Living in a Love Relationship with God” and Robert and Jayna helped us grow together in this area.I found our time deeply refreshing and in some ways convicting...

  • Shopping with my wife is like Walking with God!

    Shopping in JapanLiving in Japan brings all sorts of new life experiences for me. Stateside I focus mostly on ministry and family but here in Tokyo, Silk and I share house duties more because she is teaching and we live in a world that requires us to do more teamwork when it comes to daily living. Areas where I try to help out are weekly shopping, cleaning the dishes and once in a while laundry. No one trusts me with cooking so this is the best I can offer and all of these things I rarely participate in stateside. It certainly helps me grow as a Christ-like leader. It helps me develop character, one of the biggest challenges in Christian leadership today...

  • Small is the New Big

    Pastor Rajiv

    Prior to joining A3, Pastor Rajiv was “on a journey of big.”

  • Strategic Category 1: Developing the Leader

    A2 DevelopingTheLeader 900x200

    Asian Access utilizes an interwoven curriculum that focuses on fourteen strategic areas of leadership and church health. These strategic areas are covered in a variety of ways depending on the needs and situation of the participants and on the availability of faculty.

    There are four categories covered:

    1. Developing the Leader
    2. Reproducing Other Leaders
    3. Multiplying Churches
    4. Expanding the Kingdom...
  • Terry Looper on Loving God & Making Disciples

    joe handley interviewing terry looperRecently, I was able to interview Terry Looper about his new book SacredPace being released today on February 26. It’s a book laying out several great principles that align with our core focus at Asian Access. I know you’ll enjoy the book. You can learn more about it here: Sacred Pace. Here are a couple clips from our interview that I want to share with you. Terry talks about his relationship with God highlighting some of the themes from the book. It’s a terrific reflection on Asian Access first outcome, Living in a Love Relationship with God. Enjoy! I hope it inspires your walk with Jesus... {addthis off}

  • The A3 Attraction


    I asked the leader of A3 in a restricted-access country, “What attracted you to A3?"

  • The Blessing of the Pandemic: God's Deconstruction of My Ministry

    Herman Moldez

    by H.A. Moldez, National Director of A2/Philippines 

    “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruined and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairers of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets and Dwellings.”
    — Isaiah 58:12

    My ministry activities have been undermining my intimacy with God.

  • They were lost in God!

    samuel cb headshot 2016We need leaders today about whom we say, “They were lost in God!” - C.B. Samuel

    A few weeks ago, Asian Access held our Global Leaders’ Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was one of the best summit gatherings of my nearly eight years of ministry with Asian Access! The fellowship and partnership with one another across eleven nations is strong, the sense of community grows year after year, and the mutual support and rallying behind one another is second to none. We had a powerful week together. One of the highlights is captured in this quote above by C.B. Samuel who helped start Asian Access/India and who serves on our India Council of Reference. Each day C.B. shared about one of our core values and this quote came in reference to our first and primary ministry value: ALL IN with God. We often say that everything in ministry and life flows from “A Love Relationship with God”...

  • What's your greatest ambition?

    herman and billygraham sqAs a leader called by God, what will be my greatest ambition? In what way will I truly please my Master? All leaders work to reach a place of success in their work for God. There is something hypnotising to be on top to receive recognition and reward. It makes one feel good to be on a place applauded by people in this side of history. In Exodus 33, Moses as a leader learned that what matters the most is to be in God’s presence...

  • When we sit with Him and learn, the revelation comes

    joe with nakamura senseiPastor Chittry (not his real name) shared at Asian Access/Japan National Conference this week. He shared many amazing stories of the impact of Asian Access in his country. Even though I’ve heard these stories countless times, they continue to inspire me. God has been at work in an amazing way in his country and now that work is lighting a fire under the Church of Japan! As Pastor Chittry was sharing, he pointed to a very critical aspect of who Asian Access is: "Before we do the work of the church, we must have...

  • Why I need to Keep Looking Up

    image009By Guest Contributor: Jerry Hardy 

    As all of you know, I am not the smartest one in the room (unless I am alone) or the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Usually, the Lord has to hit me a couple of times to get my attention.  Well, He did this morning. I was reading in A. W. Tozer’s book, The Pursuit of God, the chapter titled, The Gaze of the Soul. Here are some of the highlights: “….. Faith is the gaze of a soul upon a saving God.”... “They looked unto Him and were lightened: and... {addthis off}

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