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DEVELOP-whiteA3 is a vibrant community that develops leaders.

God shapes us over a lifetime; we sharpen each other.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Prov 27:17)

Our community is committed to life-long development: continually being developed and developing other leaders. We strive to develop:

  1. more Christ-like pastors to lead the church with vision, character and competence. 
    • "David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them." (Ps 78:72)
  2. pastors who are better equipped to lead their congregations in countries where Christians are persecuted.
  3. church leaders who are less likely to drop out of ministry due to burnout or moral failure.
  4. leaders with a vision to multiply faith communities that will transform lives.

We help develop leaders to thrive

The Work of Developing Leaders

A3’s model has been recognized as one of the most creative and fruitful leadership training programs in Asia. The key to its effectiveness is the careful selection of twelve emerging leaders.* These leaders are then invited to be a part of a class that meets four times a year for a week at a time over a two-year period. When the twelve meet together, they are working through an holistic curriculum that accelerates their growth as spiritual leaders, as well as organizational leaders. At their training sessions, they are resourced by leaders in and outside their country.

In the course of the training, the leaders are able to become more aware of their distinct strengths individually, as well as the unique giftedness of their congregations. They are also given the skills to determine more precisely the needs of the communities and the context in which they live and minister. Upon that knowledge, they then develop skills to equip their congregation for effective service. Following that they articulate their long-term vision and then begin to develop strategies for growth and multiplication.

The training program in Japan, for example, now uses a curriculum that has been developed entirely by Japanese, for Japanese, in Japanese. Each country is working on contextualizing the curriculum and the process for developing its own pastors.

cory ishida 2015"A3 is a ministry that actually accomplishes its mission 'to identify, develop and release emerging kingdom leaders to unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ'. There is a vital need for effective leadership in the church today. Sheep need effective shepherds. There is a spiritual awakening occurring around the globe today and as a result a desperate need for effective leadership. I am thankful to God that A3 is helping provide that leadership. May the Lord continue to bless A3 as they serve to grow the Kingdom of God."

Rev. Cory Ishida
Former Senior Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church San Gabriel Valley 

Expansion to Other Asian Countries

As word about this work in Japan spread across Asia in the 1990s, interest grew. A3 began to explore how to help leaders in other places in Asia. Mongolia was the first country to indicate interest in adapting the A3/Japan model to their context. The first class in Mongolia graduated in October 2001. 

Currently Expanding Across Asia and Beyond

Over time, other countries were added, as leaders approached A3 for help in launching our program in new places. Currently, A3 has established leader development programs in 20+ countries. We are currently exploring several new countries outside of Asia in which we hope to potentially launch soon. 


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