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Biographical Profile: Joseph W. Handley, Jr., President, Los Angeles, USA

Joe HandleyRev. Joseph W Handley, Jr., Ph.D. is currently president of A3 and serves ex-officio on the Board of Directors.


Joe is a seasoned mission leader with over 30 years of global experience. Born and raised in Southern California, he received a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in theology from Azusa Pacific University. In 2020, he completed a Ph.D. in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Joe served nine years at Azusa Pacific University as the founding director of their Office of World Missions and director of one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses in Mexico City in 1996. In 1998 the Lord called him to Rolling Hills Covenant Church where he served as the Global Outreach Pastor and shortly thereafter as Associate Pastor for Outreach Ministries. In July of 2008, Joe answered God’s call becoming the fourth president of A3, a developer of Christ-like leaders seeking to accelerate Christ-centered movements around the world.

Overarching Vision

Joe strives to develop leaders for mission movements wherever he goes. His passion is to come alongside local leaders to encourage and empower them in their calling to reach the world for Christ.

Other Roles

In addition to his role as president of A3, Joe serves as a Catalyst in Leadership Development for the Lausanne Movement and founding member of a new venture called the Galilean Movement. He also serves on the board of and ReIGNITE Hope. In addition, he sits on the advisory teams for the Nozomi Project and DualReach.

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Polycentric Leadership

Joe's research and dissertation on Polycentric Mission Leadership have given him deep insight into a new approach to mission leadership. He published a book on the subject in 2022 and is a sought-after speaker to present his findings. Joe has adopted a polycentric leadership style at A3. You can read real-life case studies and find out more about this concept at his website:

NEW BOOK! Polycentric Mission Leadership

Toward A New Theoretical Model for Global Leadership

Polycentric Mission LeadershipThe world is facing rapidly increasing cycles of disruption, challenges, and disorder. In the face of these challenges, mission leadership is stretched to adapt, trying to catch up with the pace of change and provide wisdom and action that helps navigate these challenges to further the mission God has bestowed on his Church. This book focuses on the ways leadership is changing in the face of these challenges, suggesting a new theoretical model for mission leadership. It reviews the idea of polycentrism through mission history, mission and church organizations, movement theory, and governance, identifying themes for polycentric mission leadership. More here:


Joe met Silk while students at Azusa Pacific University. They married in 1990 and are presently living in Los Angeles. They have also lived in Istanbul, Turkey and Tokyo, Japan. The Handleys have three grown children: Rebecca, married to Lowell, Rachel, married to Quan, and John, starting a job in London.


A3 is a community that changes the few who change the many. They serve around the world to accelerate Christ-centered movements through equipping and unifying Christ-like leaders. Their primary focus is on empowering influential leaders who seek to unite the Body of Christ, equip and reproduce others, and foster Spirit-led change.



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Collaborative, communal leadership
empowering multiple centers of influence and
a diverse array of leaders to meet today's challenges.

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