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It’s with great honor that A3 welcomes our newest board member, Dr. Anne Dokko.

Anne DokkoConnecting with A3

Anne has been a friend of A3 for many years, going back to my early days as president. Her husband, Hoon traveled with me to Sri Lanka and they became fast friends to Adrian De Visser, our Movement Pastor and leader of A3/Sri Lanka.

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Then Anne went on to make several trips to Cambodia helping with Meng and Rady Hour.

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Expertise in the medical sector brings a new dimension

Anne brings a new dimension to our board that we are excited about. She’s a pharmacist and as we begin empowering leaders across every sector of society, her insight and wisdom in the medical field will prove immensely valuable. About 80% of what A3 does is equipping pastors and increasingly we are equipping marketplace leaders.

In the future, we envision empowering leaders in the education sector, government space, NGO’s and the medical profession. So, you can imagine the impact she’ll be making in accelerating Christ-centered movements around the world.

Let's hear from Anne... 

Why Anne Dokko joined A3's board of directors

Anne Dokko"A3 is unique in that it trains national pastors and leaders by equipping them from a holistic Biblical approach.  The result is a network of pastors, businessmen and leaders who collaborate together to make Christ known to all nations. I’m truly excited and expectant on what God will do through A3 in bringing every tribe and every tongue represented around the throne room.

They say “behind every great leader is a great team” – behind A3 is a great team of board members. I had the privilege of experiencing this dynamic with each member approaching every situation seeking God, discerning the leading of Holy Spirit, and engaging in meaningful open discussions in how to best strategize for the work ahead. I am humbled to join such distinguished men and women who are compelled by their personal commitment to Christ and obedience to the Great Commission."

Dr. Anne Dokko, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente
Rolling Hills Estates, California

Join me in welcoming Dr. Anne Dokko to our board of directors!

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Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.

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More Information

  • Dr. Anne Dokko joined the A3 Board of Directors in October 2023 and serves on the Ministry Committee.
  • See the A3 Board of Directors



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