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Mary Jo Wilson shares why she is proud that A3 applies its four outcomes to women leaders...

In this quick video report, Chinzorig shares the story of his friend, Pastor Ariunbold...

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The last few days we've posted a few reports from our recent session in Jakarta for A3/Indonesia. Here's another one from Heny about her A3 experience and what she learned at this session...

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Overcoming starts and continues with Abiding in Christ

A3 President Joe Handley was recently interviewed by Chuck Reich of Overcomers.TV.

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Ariunbold has vision like I’ve rarely seen. It’s a God-given vision, passion, and gift mix...


Peter Mazumder, co-national director of A3/Bangladesh shares stories of the life-transforming process...

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During graduation week in Myanmar, one of the participants burst out in appreciation for A3....

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We have shared a few brief video clips from our recent session in Jakarta for A3/Indonesia. In this testimonial, Pastor Pangki & his wife Irene shared how A3 has impacted them. Take a look...

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The fruit of what God has been doing in this country the last 25 years is enormous. Key alumni expressed a new found enthusiasm for the future of what God is doing...

Joe in Mongolia with Pastor Chinzorig, Pastor Ariunbold, of and Bruce Johnson

Pastor Ariunbold of Mongolia expanded his vision tremendously through A3...


I was intrigued by the passion behind the words of Pastor Dilesh Kumar: “This is the best program I have ever participated in."

The working team of A3/Cambodia

This alumni pastor has seen remarkable fruit since graduating from A3...

CB at graduation NI2016

The newest group of graduates to the A3 family inspired me as they shared the impact of the last two and half years...

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Learn the impact of A3 faculty sharing openly about their own failures...

Hear what happening through the A3 leader development program in India...

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Hear Darwa, the wife of an A3 participant in that country...

Janice Munemitsu


Here in Jakarta, Indonesia, we've just finished up a session with the A3 cohort. It's our second session, and I just wanted to share about how wonderful it was to just be with all these pastors—men and women of different ages, different levels of experience, but what a great community they're building.

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Here's a powerful testimony from one of our leaders sharing the impact of the program on their country. The story is so compelling that we wanted you to be able to watch or listen...

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These two pastors pulled me aside to personally thank me for the investment of A3.


What a privilege it was to be part of the 7th Japan Congress on Evangelism!

family of Jason Richard Tan

Allow me to share to you what has been happening in our part of the world...

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Wisdom from A3/Philippines Alumnus Lito Sampan

Walking in the wilderness.

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“I thank God for this A3 family whom I can lean on. My learning experience made a difference in my life, family, and ministry now. Long live A3! Indeed A3 is truly life-transforming.

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Hear how A3 impacted an alumnus from a high-security country... 

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This group of graduating pastors inspired me! I spent a week with them in South Asia listening to their stories, hearing their heart...

a2 business-korea-1 2a ministry to marketplace leaders in Seoul, South Korea...

Joe talking with A3 participants

These two A3 alumni from South Asia had no one they could confide in prior to A3. But, over the two year process, something changed...

Pastor Juserdi Purba and his wife, Dr. Meiti Pragiwati, are quite a couple in A3...

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“While we were praying for the new A3 country last night, we felt that God was telling us to bless them.”

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Global Proclamation Congress Holds Second Gathering

Here's the story about Virukshan Perera, graduate of A3 leader programme in Sri Lanka. It's a story of generosity, resilience and service in the face of persecution and need from Colombo, Sri Lanka!

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I was introduced to A3 as I was just recovering from a very discouraging and painful ordeal...

From the President blog by Joe Handley

A3 Community blog with posts from a variety of contributors around Asian Access

Stories about Asian Access published by Mission Network News, a mission news service dedicated to keeping Christians informed on evangelical mission activity around the world. In doing so we hope to educate and motivate Christians to prayer, participation, and support of missionary work to help further the Great Commission.

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