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Serving in Japan
as a Missional Partner

Bio: Tia Blassingame

Tia B 01254 croppedBackground Information:

Hello, I'm Tia originally from Philadelphia, PA in the USA. I am passionate about God and God's people. I am excited to work with the people and churches of Yamagata as we display God's love in action throughout the region.

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partner Associate since 2022

My present ministry assignment is in Keisen Christ Church Yonezawa, Yamagata Japan.

Advice to Potential Missionaries

The term “leadership & development” tends to make people think they are “in charge”. I encourage people considering cross-culture ministry to approach with a servant's heart and with much humility. While you are going to help with a need, you cannot forget that you yourself will be in need. You will need to learn a new language, you will need to find community, you will need to learn a new culture. You will NEED to surrender your will to God’s.

Ministry Methods I've Found Especially Meaningful

I recently learned of salons in Japan. A salon is not what it is in the states. When we say salon, we are speaking of a spa type of place to beautify your hair or body. A salon here is a place where you can gather for a particular activity ie. Coffee and conversation. I attended a coffee salon like this and was amazed by the atmosphere and hospitality.

Fun Cultural Story

Funny Faux Pas. I love learning new languages. Learning Japanese has been hard, but fun. Muzukashidesu ga omoshiroi desu. Once a month I meet with a group of elderly women to assist them in their English lessons. They write on a specific topic and then bring them to class and read them to me. Once, the topic was “What do you want to do in the new year”. One of the women reading to me kept talking about her husband selection. She said, “I want to do well with my husband selection and get a lot of votes.” So many things ran through my mind...

  1. She’s already married.
  2. WHAT is a husband selection? Is there an app for it where other people get to vote?
  3. Is this some type of cultural thing where you get to pick a new husband?
  4. She’s already 70+ years. Why would she want a new husband now?

The leader of the group saw my confused face and said, “Tia-san, daijyoubu (are you ok?).

I asked what a husband selection was. They told me her husband was a city official and in April they will be voting.

That’s when I yelled out, “Oh! ELECTION! Your husband’s election.”

It turns out when writing the sentence she wrote "husband s election" instead of "husband’s election". So when reading she misread it as Husband selection. Japanese characters are written altogether, so when switching to English writing the spacing between words can be somewhat confusing for them.

When in Japan, be sure to...

learn the use of the word sumimasen. This word can be used to get someone’s attention, to ask for pardon, or to apologize; and basically transforms you from a rude person to a kind but confused foreigner.

Hopes for the Future

I have a heart to share love and light with those that are feeling hopeless. Ultimately, I hope to become a full-time counselor and work in a suicide-prevention ministry.


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Missional Partners

Why are you serving with A3?

When I first heard of A3’s ministry approach I was intrigued. The approach of partnering with the pastors that are already established in a region, as opposed to coming in and starting completely new and sometimes contrasting ministries, was appealing to me. It represents what it means to be a servant leader. It represent true partnership and cross cultural ministry.

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Contact Info

  • tia: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • blog: Tia's Journey in Japan


Important Dates
Tia:  Mar 15

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