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Kohei & Linda Koyama


Kohei & Linda Koyama

Serving as
Missional Partners

Bio: Kohei & Linda Koyama

Background Information:

koyama kohei and lindaKohei

Kohei is Japanese, born and raised in Tokyo. He moved to the US after college and met Jesus through reading books written by a Japanese Christian author, Ayako Miura, and eventually the Bible. Ever since then he’s had a heart to reach the Japanese as many of his family and friends don’t know the Lord yet.


Linda is an American born Chinese. She grew up in Miami, Florida. Her heart for mission developed in college during her time with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. They were in Iwate ministering 3.11 victims between 2014 to 2019. They have 4 little ones and are trying to raise them in a way to embrace and honor all the different cultures and ethnicities God has blessed them with.

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partners serving with a local church in Yamagata since 2022


koyama HI family pic 800pxAdvice to Potential Missionaries

Have a learner’s attitude versus “let me teach you” attitude, and be open to what God is doing in the culture you are trying to reach, which may be totally different from yours. You will be excited and be appreciative to see that God has His fingerprint in every culture. Observe and listen to local believers and unbelievers, learning the language as best as you can. Take explanations of the culture from those not of the culture with a grain of salt as they are trying to make sense of everything from their own (foreign) cultural lens, which may or may not be accurate.

When you are in Japan, be sure to...

learn Japanese as best as you can and listen to local Japanese, and observe what they do before you come to premature conclusion of your why questions.

What are some ministry methods or activities you find especially meaningful?

Anything that is more organic than a formal program, which tend to lead to deeper relationship and deeper conversation that is relevant to their lives.

What are some important lessons you've learned as you've served in ministry?

God is a relational God and He expands His kingdom through relationships.

What would you like some of your greatest "ultimate contributions" to be?

I would like to play any part, even if it is a small part, of God’s wonderful plan to bring Japanese people to Himself and lead them to share His great News to other Japanese and people around the world.




International Womens Day 4 courtesy https://www.wheniscalendars.com/

On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the voices of these valued members of our A3 Community. We are so fortunate to know and work with these tremendous people and many others like them.

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Why A3?

Why are you serving with A3?

Before we joined A3, Kohei met many A3 missional partners and A2J members in Japan. Their vision and mission resonated with us – changing the few who change the many. We appreciate their approach to ministry, partnering with the local church here in Japan. We want to walk alongside the pastors in Japan to encourage and support them in whatever ways possible to multiply disciples that will multiply disciples.


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